Collaborate smarter with Formstack Approvals

Create a seamless system for hiring, proposals, PTO requests, and more with our approval workflows feature.

Get more done

If you're dealing with tangled email threads or piles of paperwork, easily streamline how you collaborate and share data. Quickly build a document approval workflow for projects, manage requests for HR, and much more.

Streamline your approval process

Dig yourself out from under a heaving inbox. Build efficient workflows and easily manage documents.

Use online forms to set up a seamless online approval workflows process that lets team members easily sign off on requests, proposals, and projects.


Keep everyone in the loop on upcoming tasks and requirements. Projects and requests can be approved or denied directly from everyone's email.


Allocate resources effectively, accomplish more tasks, and keep important initiatives on track. Your team (and your calendar) will thank you.


Ensure a flawless approval workflow. Grant approver permissions, easily review forms, track submission status, and quickly provide updates.

How It Works

Enable form approvals in three easy steps:

Step 1: Add approvers to your form to give them the ability to approve or deny submissions. They'll be notified of new approval requests via email.

Step 2: Set approver prioritizations. As different approvers complete their reviews, you'll receive their acceptance or denial in your email. The form will move in the order you set.

Step 3: Once everyone submits their feedback, you can look at their comments, make adjustments to your request, and resend for a final review.

Learn more about Approvals & Multi-Step Approvers.

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